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Sticky! (inappropriate pun definitely intended)

Open friending policy - no need to ask permission, you're welcome here.

I've f-locked all the old stuff here (anything dated before 2008, that is) - it's all of pretty questionable quality, and there isn't much of it, but if you want to read it, or liked it and now can't get to it, feel free to friend at will and I'll friend you back. (Although since I don't use this journal on a daily basis, it might take me a while to notice, so it might also be a good idea to prod me and let me know you're there.)


What you can probably expect from this journal: a smattering of mostly incomprehensible quasi-automatic writing; bits and pieces of ongoing fiction projects (mostly fantasy and horror, and some "new weird"-ish material) that may or may not make sense out of context; gay porn. (No, seriously, you can expect gay porn. I'll try and warn you ahead of time, though, in case that's not your cup of tea.)

Crit is welcome. In fact, it's half the point.

eta 2/21/08: It would seem I need to set a ground rule of decency here, and to clarify my intentions. I don't want anyone to be afraid to offer criticism; I'm very grateful if anyone takes the time to offer any, whether or not I agree with the evaluation. Frankness is fine and dandy. However, I'm not going to allow outright rudeness. It's not helpful to me and it's off-putting to readers.

Please read the above link on automatic writing if you don't know what automatic writing is. If you find that sort of thing pretentious, pointless, or otherwise unreadable, and/or if you find surrealism in general pretentious, pointless, or otherwise unreadable, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, but you'll probably find much of me unreadable.


You will not find fanfiction here. I do write some on occasion, however, and if you would like to read it, it can be found on my main journal under the fanfiction tag.


I have written several stories for the boy's love webzine Shousetsu Bang Bang under the pseudonym Kagamino Kage. All contain explicit homoerotic content. All so far contain illustrations by wonderful artists who are definitely not me, though none have been particularly explicit illustrations.

Current tally, from newest to oldest:

June 2008:
Ostinato - Follow the piper.

Christmas 2007:
Beyond the Pale - Freak-show horror. Serious squick factor in this one, don't say I didn't warn you. (My apologies for the awful title.)

Girl Love Special, August 2007:
The Archive - Urban fantasy. LESBIANSSSS.

May 2007:
Phallos Hippikos: A Moral Tale - Comedy/fantasy fluff. Genies and fun with stick figures! A bit of kink; character who is simultaneously underage and not underage? (Yes, yes, I did in fact title my story "horse cock" in Greek.)

February 2007:
Valence - Drama/Fantasy fluff in a Victorian-esque setting. Underage (adolescent) character.

Christmas 2006:
The Holly King and the Oak King - Homoerotic rewrite of somewhat controversial myth. Shamelessly melodramatic; non-conish.
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